Beth Strange

Business and Entrepreneurial Strategist

Globally Credentialed Brand Strategist

Certified High Performance Coach™

Elite Performance Strategist

I don’t believe in bucket lists. They don’t work for me in living an exponentially idyllic life. I believe in living a “Heck yes!!” or a “Heck no!!” life.  I don’t believe in living in the land of “maybe’s.” When I have an idea that I’d like to be or do or have something, if it’s a “heck yes,” I put it on the calendar, make a plan, and succeed or learn.  If it’s a “heck no,” I spend no more mental or physical energy on it.  Unless it becomes a “heck yes!”

I believe that you deserve to live an idyllic life by design.  You deserve to build an exponentially abundant life worth living and leave an exponential legacy worth leaving.

I believe that living an exponentially idyllic, abundant life is just on the other side of our comfort zones.  I’ve spent my life walking just over the edges of fear and fatigue and doubt to live abundantly.

I believe in strategic, systematized, credentialed strategizing—and yes, even coaching—because I’ve seen the outcomes as I’ve assisted high and elite performers in achieving ever-higher levels of exponential success.  I believe in investing more than I’m comfortable investing in extraordinary professionals for my own growth.

I believe that strategists do not need to have expert performance skill in the industry where they’re strategizing.  Bill Belichick, Mark Cubin, Wayne Gretzsky,  Tony Robbins, Bela Károlyi, and many others have proven this myth wrong.

32 years ago shortly after our first son was born, I crafted something of a mission statement:

My purpose is to help my family members and others to become, achieve, and obtain what they need and want in their lives so they can then help other do the same. 

I’m expert at scaling.  I’m genius at strategizing with extraordinary top performers who are ready for their next level, ready for their next phase, ready for their next success.  Yes, I have a zone of genius for growth, but I am GIFTED at helping others scale personally and professionally.

Jumping out of aircraft is certainly not the most daring thing I’ve ever done—not by a long shot.  I’ve built and sold a global reputation management company.  I’ve raised and homeschooled my 7 children.  I’m 40 years of happily married to the man of my dreams.  I’ve conducted business more than once with an AK-47 pointed at me.  Strategize with me—I’ll tell you all about it!