• Frustrated and unsure because YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO first—or next?
  • Are you exhausted from SPINNING YOUR WHEELS, stuck at the very start of creating your dream business?
  • Are you tired of WASTING TIME looking for answers and taking digitized, online course after course, only to fill notebooks with unactionable, forgettable tidbits?
  • Are you DONE SPENDING ENERGY STRUGGLING just to get your business off the ground?


I realized very early in my business entrepreneurial life that I could NOT be the ONLY thinking brain in my company and succeed.
There was no way I could have all the answers ALONE!
I also know that I’m DECISIVE. An ACTION TAKER!
I don’t let moss grow, and I certainly don’t waste time!



You can!

  • STOP spending MONTHS and YEARS guessing, fumbling and, ultimately, running out of faith in yourself!
  • STOP WAITING for the next check to come in, so you can buy yourself a little more time!
  • STOP waking up in the middle of the night wondering if you made a mistake!
  • STOP STRUGGLING through this season of uncertainty, HOPING you don’t get too far off track
  • STOP WASTING your time trying to figure out your next move or, even worse, on things that will NEVER actually move you forward!

NOW is your time to own the
Business of your DREAMS! 

You’re Ready to BUILD

  • Leave the 9-5 and start working on YOUR dreams, not someone else’s
  • FINALLY commit to change – create a life filled with intention and purpose
  • Share the GREATNESS inside of you — your gifts, talents, abilities, and strengths
  • STOP daydreaming, put pen to paper, and LAUNCH!

You’re Ready to GROW

  • Take what you’ve started and push past the PLATEAU
  • Confidently navigate your next phase with CLARITY
  • Execute PROVEN STRATEGIES to increase your time, resources and success
  • BLAST through the hang-ups that stall your progress like tech, selling, and IMPOSTER SYNDROME

You’re Ready to SCALE

  • Break down that wall of exhaustion and fully re-engage your PASSION and COMMITMENT
  • STOP trading time for money
  • Let go of doing ALL the dirty work yourself
  • Finally SCALE and turn your business dream into a REALITY!


You’ll bring your ready willingness to learn much and work hard as I provide you with strategic direction, personalized support, and unwavering accountability.



Each of the high-level STRATEGIES is covered over 180 days.

That’s 6 months of INTENSE, one-on-one, live ZOOM Strategy Sessions, customized to address your unique and individual business venture.

Together we’ll work with my proprietary, easy-to-implement support tools: Think fill-in-the-blank blueprints, checklists, and pdf’s.

I know you’re busy. So we’ll start with the FOUNDATIONS and then power  through each Strategy explained below, strategies I know are CRUCIAL for kick-starting, growing, and scaling your thriving and successful business.

Strategic Foundations for Business Success

You no longer need to be lost, frustrated, or immobilized because you just don’t know where to start or what to do. And we know that you don’t know what you don’t know. My signature Foundational Strategy encapsulates the following Strategies for Abundance. Learn how to define, set up, start, grow, and scale your brilliantly, abundantly, sustainable business venture.

Brilliance Zone

Discover and define your areas of brilliance to share with the world and what’s most important in making your brilliance profitable.

Business Model

Decide how to define, create, and sell your products to the world in a way that will give you lasting abundance and growth.

Economic Model

None of your hard work and brilliance matters unless the numbers add up. Create a plan for measurable success instead of wasting time and hoping you make ends meet.

Legal Strategies

Rest assured that you are protecting yourself, your company, and your hard work by mitigating risk from all the dirty details that come along with owning a business and making it legit.


Be confident that your brand identity in the marketplace is in line with who you truly are and will create the results you want.


Understand the strategies of online marketing. Learn how it feels to be part of your audience and give people what they need from you at the exact right time.


Cultivate a sales mindset and have abundant courage to engage and convert clients because they need your value. Get clear on and dial into email funnels, pages, and lead magnets.

Customer Success

Conduct customer interaction in a way that leads to your customers’ success while supporting your business abundantly and keeping customers coming back for more.


Take what you’ve created to the next level by building and leading teams that have your back. Ensure that what you’re creating is resilient, profitable, and sustainable.

High Performance

Keep up with the demands of owning a thriving business. Become, attain, obtain the abundance you want and need for sustained prosperity.


Work/life balance is a hoax. Learn how to consistently show up for everyone who’s relying on you in your professional AND personal world.


Define, build, and grow your Coaching practice so that you and your clientele are ever moving forward toward achieving great abundance in your personal and professional lives.



One-on-One, Deep-Dive Sessions

You will have the security and support of my devoted time and attention for our weekly Strategy Sessions, where we’ll strategize, you’ll receive instruction, ask and answer questions, and obtain insights and support.

Proven Framework

You KNOW you’re missing some key startup knowledge, direction, and information. You KNOW there is more you can be doing to increase sales and productivity. You KNOW that you should be spending time working ON the business itself. But, what’s most important? What comes first? We’ll walk through it together.

Never Feel STUCK Again

Bring me what you have and we’ll add what’s missing.  Ask me any strategic or technical questions you may have. We’ll make sure there’s an opportunity for you to get help with whatever issue is right in front of you at the time.

WHY Beth Strange Strategy?

I created Beth Strange Strategy because I learned years ago how painful and difficult it was to go it alone. The magic happened for me when I created and started working together with my crew.

I see how literally sick and tired you as a solo entrepreneur can become while spinning your wheels and getting stuck.

Where you might be lacking, I’ve excelled. This principle is at the root of how I’ll assist you in creating your business success.

AND! I’m also a Certified High Performance Coach. What does that mean for you? I know how to get stuff done, and I’m certified in teaching you the same.

What Beth Strange Strategy Stands For:

STRATEGY: An actionable and tactical approach.
YOU: Championing YOUR vision and YOUR success.
TRANSPARENCY: Not sugar coating the hard work required.
COLLABORATION: Working with those who can fill in the gaps.
AUTONOMY: Helping YOU captain your own ship.
KINDNESS: Always being compassionate and charitable.
PROGRESS: Honoring immediate productivity OVER distant perfection.
FUN: Having a blast! Or else what’s the point?
RESILIENCE: Never quitting because it’s too hard.
ABUNDANCE: Living an idyllically abundant life.

You think that once you reach a certain level, you can start to focus on branding OR the business model OR protecting yourself?

Here’s the deal. We both know that “certain level” will continue to get pushed farther and farther away.

Have you ever considered that maybe you aren’t reaching that level because you’re missing VITAL components? Maybe the reason you aren’t reaching your sales goals is that your sales copy stinks. OR think about what might happen if you got into legal trouble BEFORE you took the time to insure yourself properly!

You don’t need to worry any longer.

YOU are why I created 180 Days of Business Strategy.

It’s time for you to JUMPSTART the business of your dreams.

One you’re proud to tell the world about.

One that generates the ABUNDANT INCOME that started this dream in the first place.

I encourage my clients to take initiative and charge through that next big commitment to growth. So, I’m doing the same for you.