It’s challenging to create abundance; it takes constant attention and a passion for excellence. Isn’t that the way it is with careers, relationships, heath, and goals? They stagnate and deteriorate unless they receive constant, consistent attention coupled with a drive to achieve and maintain a life of abundance.

Reaching the highest levels of abundance is an ongoing process. Being clear about achieving abundance, even more so.  High and elite levels can produce both exhilaration and boredom. Camaraderie and loneliness. Obviously, if you are stuck or feel as though you’re losing ground, you need a new way of thinking and doing. And even if you feel secure with your abundance, you’ll need to constantly fuel your fire that got you there with new ways of thinking and doing. Real progression requires taking risks and stepping courageously into the unknown.  Frequently there are enormous rewards along with debilitating challenges.  And there are definitely no cookie cutter solutions. 

Over the past decades, I’ve served and strategized successfully with high-achieving corporate professionals, award-winning media personalities, elite-level luxury industry executives, groundbreaking entrepreneurs, top-tier athletes, and other high-profile individuals to identify their roadblocks, implement strategy, and help them break through to exponentially higher levels.  People who are in the top of the top percentages in their fields.

Many high and elite performers complain that, although they have achieved success, they find that among other things

  • They have no one with whom to share their thoughts and ideas
  • They are lonely or alone at the top
  • They are the only thinking brain
  • They aren’t being challenged in their current position
  • They have hit a glass ceiling
  • They are losing their energy
  • Their personal and/or professional relationships are suffering
  • They are succeeding but still feel out of control
  • They know they have much more inside them
  • Despite working harder than anyone, they still suffer from Imposter Syndrome

I’ve created The Abundance Project for leaders and high performers who are–or on the cusp of–creating great abundance in one or more areas of their personal and professional lives.  Who are seeking what they are currently not getting, the something that’s missing in their professional or personal pursuits. The Abundance Project is an invitation-only, membership-by-application Mastermind for extraordinary, good people who are committed to creating and achieving abundance at their highest levels, however they define abundance. 

What’s inside The Abundance Project that YOU need? 

  • Personal and professional high-performance strategy 4 times monthly in a mastermind setting where I serve as leading strategist and mastermind director
  • Other top-level abundance creators committed to breaking through and helping each other break through the ceiling that’s keeping them down, the fog that’s clouding their vision, and the roadblocks that are hedging up their way
  • An ongoing circle of like-minded, abundance-creating peers to push/encourage/stretch you like never before to the next level on your adventures
  • Focus on attaining an abundance of time, branding, money, relationships, respect, peace, purpose — however you define abundance and your goals and dreams you’re willing to put in the work to achieve
  • The place to give and receive insights, experiences, and thought leadership at an extraordinary level
  • Not just glimpses into, but structured direction toward, the actual abundance you crave
  • A private social media community where you can learn from and connect with your Abundance Project peers at any time
  • A yacht retreat where we’ll relax, work, and learn together while enjoying a slice of the abundance we deserve

To become a member of The Abundance Project, you will apply, you will be interviewed, and you will be invited as fitting.

 Membership into The Abundance Project requires, at least, a 9-month commitment. You may renew as often as you like.  

The Abundance Project is for the highly committed who know there is more they can accomplish, more they can feel, more ways they can serve, and more abundance to be achieved. 

Members of The Abundance Project are open, honest, respectful, diligent, and caring. You will ignite The Abundance Project community with your passion for abundance. 

The Abundance Project may be right for you if

  • You not only think outside the box, you don’t even acknowledge that there is a box.
  • You have a vision so big that most people think it’s unattainable.
  • You’re used to leading high performance teams that exceed expectations.
  • You seem to think differently, more holistically, deeper, and broader than those around you.
  • You think big, serve big, play big, love big, and dream big.
  • You’ve paid your dues, made your share of mistakes, gotten back up, and proved everyone wrong.
  • You aren’t afraid of challenges; in fact they energize and excite you to greater action.
  • You want to surround yourself with people whose dreams and abilities are as big, or even bigger than your own.
  • You know that real success has more to do with abundance in every area of your life than just with financial success.

In The Abundance Project Mastermind, I lead with my experience, credentials, and strategic skills, a group of high-performing abundance creators who share their valuable insights and experience with each other.

The Abundance Project is NOT right for everyone. Please do not apply  if

  • You don’t believe you are capable of reaching higher levels of abundance.
  • You aren’t willing to invest time and resources in yourself.
  • You don’t believe I’m the right strategist for you.
  • You aren’t committed to doing the work, bringing energy and brilliance to the Project, and making your next level of abundance a reality.

Please contact me directly at with any questions about The Abundance Project.  You may complete the  APPLICATION to start your journey to higher levels of performance and toward achieving the professional and personal abundance you deserve.

Are you ready to learn what the world’s elite performers and strategic entrepreneurs know and do?

Are you ready to discover your most abundant life?