If I don’t hear an “Oh, I couldn’t,” “Really? That much?” or “You’re crazy!” then I haven’t sparked the excitement, the half-fear and half-exhilaration that leads people to do the impossible.

My Magnificent Seven [July 2001]


After my first baby was born, through a fog of semi-consciousness I heard doctors telling my husband I would not survive the night.

During my second pregnancy, I injected myself twice daily with blood thinners to prevent repeat complications. When I went into an early rapid delivery, there was no time to address the blood thinners–or even get a doctor–and I came close to fatal hemorrhaging. Since this baby was in a BIG hurry to enter the world and didn’t give enough warning to get to the hospital on time, my husband and a hallway nurse caught him just before he landed on the floor.  My husband was happily satisfied with our two wonderful boys.

I always wanted a large family, ten children in my dreams.  But after our second son was born, my doctors told me that I couldn’t have another baby.

So we moved from Hawaii to Georgia, and I found two of the best, high-risk obstetricians in the country. This time I went into labor at four months. The doctors managed to stop the labor, but I was strictly confined to bed for the next four months. Try doing that with a two- and a three-year old and a husband who was in the middle of coaching a 29-game basketball schedule!

Needless to say after this delivery, even the best high-risk doctors refused to help me through another pregnancy. “No more children,” was the final verdict.

That finality was perfectly, medically reasonable.

However, I’ve never really been one to set reasonable goals. I had a dream of more.

And against all odds, we found a way to add four more children to our family through international adoption.

I don’t allow my clients to waste their time and mine with a list of reasonable goals.

We go big or we don’t go.

If I don’t hear an “Oh, I couldn’t,” “Really? That much?” or “You’re crazy!” then I haven’t sparked the excitement, the half fear and half exhilaration that leads people to do the impossible.

Generally, when I think about goals or resolutions, that just stifles me. For instance, maybe you’ve heard of SMART goals:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Time constrained


I don’t want to have realistic or attainable goals.

I want to create the impossible.

I want my clients to imagine, strategize for, and achieve the impossible.

Maybe we shouldn’t talk about goals at all.

If goals don’t motivate or inspire you, what about solving problems?

What problem can you or your product or service solve for your clients?

Think about the problems that led to the polio vaccine or the telephone or refrigeration.

Most of the great achievements in the world were the result of someone seeing a problem and solving it.

“They” said I could not homeschool seven children and create a successful business at the same time. But I had two problems: we were living in a horrible school district, and I wanted to create financial abundance that would solidify our financial security and allow us to live comfortably wherever we wanted.

So I did what seemed impossible to others (and even to myself at times). Now my children are well educated, and I’m helping others to create successful businesses. Impossible? Apparently not!

Think of something you would like to become, achieve, or attain that seems impossible.

Close your eyes and imagine what it would be like if you accomplished it.

What does it look like?

What does it feel like?

Are you the person you need to be to make it happen?

Creating the impossible has required several things of me:

1.    Achieving and maintaining a high level of energy and confidence that I can achieve the impossible.

2. Aligning myself with high achieving individuals who believe in me.

3. Becoming an expert, a thought leader in my field.

4. Changing the way I think and developing positive mindsets about my business and my potential.

5. “Being” as though I were an elite performer long before I became one.

6.  Finally, looking for opportunities. Being unconstrained by goal setting and even moving beyond problem solving has freed me to recognize and grasp opportunities to learn, to create, to grow, to gain abundance.

Many people told me that I was crazy to get married in my sophomore year of college. Didn’t I have goals I wanted to check off? Hmmm…. I wanted to graduate with distinction, be inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, become the director of the Office of Theses and Dissertations at one of the largest universities in the nation the month I graduated, and marry my forever sweetheart.

That created problems to be solved and opportunities to be grasped. And:  “Ta da!”

I’m living the life of abundance I desire, and design, and deserve.

When you are ready to create your abundant life, it’s time to ask and answer:

What do you actually, truly want?

Where are you lacking abundance? 

Where are you taking joy in abundance?

However we define it, we all want an abundant life. The truth is that abundance is within reach for all of us. That’s what motivates me as a strategist: helping people reach new levels of abundance, however they define it.

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To Your Abundance,

Beth Strange



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