When Michael and I were in Magadan, Russia, in the northeastern corner of Siberia, adopting our fourth daughter, at one point, we needed to trade a significant amount of American money for Russian rubles.

The Magadan banks charged an exorbitant amount to make the exchange, but our Russian adoption agent, Pavel (not pictured), told us there were more economical, alternative methods – if we were interested. Being forced into frugality by our 4 adoption experiences, requiring 6 trips and 12 weeks in Russia, we consented. We were thinking something along the lines of a Russian Western Union.

Pavel was a barrel-chested, square-jawed, former Magadan police officer. He was the kind of guy we wanted to have on our side. He was also the kind of guy who thought outside the box.

It was quite late at night and 40F degrees below zero when Pavel picked us up in front of our hotel. As he pulled away from the curb, he said in typical Russian brevity, “Do what I say.”

Being strangers in a strange land, we almost always did exactly what we were told, and judging by his demeanor, we decided that this would not be a good time to make an exception.

After a short drive to the outskirts of the city, Pavel pulled his aging Lada into a (literally) dark back alley. When we reached the far end, we saw a black sedan with heavily tinted windows.

We pulled up to within 40 feet of the other car. Pavel swiveled so that he was facing us. With lumps in our throats, we handed him our thick stack of American money and he slid it into a small, brown paper bag, which he tucked inside his coat. “Stay in the car and keep the doors locked,” he said firmly.

With that, he got out of the car and walked toward the – okay, I’ll say it – Gangster-Mobile with his raised hands open and clearly visible to whoever was hidden behind the dark glass.

When he got close, the passenger side window opened. Pavel very slowly reached into his coat and then handed over our money bag, plus payment for the exchange.

The window promptly went back up. He stood outside the car, facing discreetly away from the “action” going on inside. He danced a little to keep warm in the frigid air or, we wondered, to calm his nerves.

I have to tell you, at this point, every ounce of trust we had was riding on the square and experienced shoulders of our agent. Pavel might have been cold, but we were sweating!

What if they just kept our money? What if they cheated us? What if they started shooting? What if the police or a rival money changer showed up?

After about 10 minutes, the window came down and the same paper bag was handed out. Pavel took it, nodded to the man in the car, and quickly returned to our car.

Without speaking or handing us our money, he quickly backed the car out of the alley and headed back toward the hotel. “Nice guys,” he said with a touch of sarcasm in his voice while he handed us our bag of rubles and waved us out of the car.

What would we have done without Pavel? He had assured us that everything would go as planned. He had clearly done this successfully before. And although we were taking a chance, and most definitely venturing into the unknown, we knew from Pavel’s background and his reputation that we could trust him.

If you are in uncharted business territory or know you need to up your performance, I can be your “Pavel.” Don’t worry, we’ll stay squarely within the law and as far from danger as possible.

I am that knowledgeable, reputable, and experienced strategist you want on your side to make sure your investment in your business or in yourself will bring you strategically, safely, and successfully to the abundance you deserve.

Whether it’s high performance strategy, business/entrepreneurial strategy, or branding strategy, I offer decades of experience, education, credentials, and my zones of genius in serving extraordinary, good people, while helping them navigate treacherous challengessave time and money, and create the lives and professions of abundance they deserve.

When you are ready to create your abundant life, it’s time to ask and answer:

What do you actually, truly want?

Where are you lacking abundance? 

Where are you taking joy in abundance?

However we define it, we all want an abundant life. The truth is that abundance is within reach for all of us. That’s what motivates me as a strategist: helping people reach new levels of abundance, however they define it.

Message me for more information on the ways you can work with me to achieve ever higher levels of performance and abundance in your life.

To Your Abundance,

Beth Strange



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